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Three More Spring/Summer Jewellery Trends You Need to Know + Ocean Lovers Tips for August

Last month we covered the jewellery trends of layering, rose gold and delicate jewellery.  This month we cover three more trends which will continue into 2018.  These are:


  1. Midi rings – Midi rings are great for layering with other rings. Through 2017/2018 these continue to be popular with trendsetters, who combine them with regular stacking rings and also wear them as pinkie rings.  The image above shows Angela Anderson wearing our midi rings stacked with our Samsara Yin Yang Labradorite & Rainbow Moonstone ring

  1. Mixing metals – For spring/summer 2017-2018 shoppers will continue to be more confident with mixing metals, including rose gold and silver, as well as combined with gold. Pictured above is Olia Burtaev wearing our rose gold Samsara Cuff Bangle, mixed with our silver Karma bracelets.

  1. Shapes from nature – Jewellery which shows flora and fauna will be popular into 2018. This includes pieces featuring leaves, flowers, tear shaped drops and many other natural shapes.  Pictured above is Angela Anderson wearing our Zen wave pendant necklace which has an image of a wave on one side, an OM on the other side with a tear shaped gemstone briolette drop.

 We hope you enjoy trying these trends out if you haven't already! 

August - Ocean Lovers Tips 

Our oceans are being invaded by plastic waste which is threatening our marine life.  The good news is that you can do something about it!  Every time you take a reusable bag shopping, or use a reusable drink bottle, you're helping to keep our oceans clean.  

Every year millions of tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our oceans - including here in Australia - if you're interested in how this happens you can read more here.  In the meantime, you can help by reducing all the plastic you use - starting with the big 4:  Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bags, Coffee Cups and Straws.  If you're keen to get more clean and green you could try:

1. Buying your bulk goods using your own containers (or the paper bags supplied) from a bulk food store like The Source Bulk Foods 

2. Buying your fruit and veges from a farmers market in your own reusable bags like the awesome and handy produce bags from Onya bags

3.  Take your own coffee cup for your daily grind - we love Keep Cup but there are lots of other options.

Thanks for looking after our oceans. :)

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