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Our Pick of the Top 3 Jewellery Trends for Spring/Summer 2017-2018 + Ocean Lovers Tips

Our Pick of the Top 3 Jewellery Trends for Spring/Summer 2017-2018 + Some Ocean Lovers Tips

For spring summer 2017-2018 we will see a continuation of these 3 popular trends:

1. Layering – Jewellery pieces have been layered by trendsetters for a while now, and will continue to be into 2018. This includes layered necklaces, stacking rings and midi rings, stacked bangles and layered bracelets and multiple earrings on each ear.  You can use this trend as you like to layer it up with necklaces while keeping your earrings pared back, or vice versa.  The lovely Beck Stevens, from Channel 10, seen here wearing one of our charm necklaces layered with a few others, and some of our midi rings.


  1. Rose Gold – This beautiful pink hued metal continues to be a favourite with fashionistas into 2018. It is becoming more popular than yellow gold with many buyers.  It offers a pretty blush hue which compliments every skin tone, so makes a great metal to give as a gift.  Rose gold brings out the colour of many gemstones – our favourites at the moment are rose gold with peach moonstone and rose gold with shimmering rainbow moonstone.  The pic above features Gypsy Tiger Lily wearing our rose gold & green amethyst cabochon Samsara ring and Zen necklace.


  1. Delicate / Minimalist fine jewellery pieces. Fine chains and delicate jewellery pieces continue to be popular, especially going into summer when lighter clothes makes wearing these delicate pieces easier, particularly layered necklaces and bracelets.  Seen here is gorgeous Angela Anderson wearing our delicate charm necklace and midi rings layered with our Samsara Yin Yang ring in labradorite and rainbow moonstone.


Ocean Lovers Tips for July

If you love the ocean as much as we do, you might like to consider going Plastic Free this July.  You can do this in a few easy steps.  Cut out single use plastics which are clogging up our waterways.  The main culprits are bags, bottles, straws and coffee cup lids.  So you can look after our oceans by

1.  Taking reusable bags to the supermarket

2.  Taking a reusable cup to cafes for your coffee

3. Using a reusable straw (or no straw!)

4.  Using a reusable water bottle

Have a listen to the podcast on Wardrobe Crisis put together by Sustainable Style columnist Clare Press - this has loads of ideas of how you can live and dress more sustainably. The first in the podcasts features Laura Wells (pictured below).  Laura is a marine biologist and an environmentalist, as well as a model who promotes positive body image - we love her work!

For our next blog post we will focus on some more more trends for spring/summer...   Thanks for reading! :)

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