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New Celeste Collection for Autumn/Winter 2018



The Celeste collection is Ocean Mantra’s new jewellery range for Autumn-Winter 2018.  The collection is inspired by the shapes and colours of natural life around us.  The gemstones echo the beautiful hues of blue and green of the ocean and by the delicate peach, whites and neutral sparkle of the sand at the beach.


FULL & CRESCENT MOON SHAPES - The Celeste Collection features delicately pretty round cut rondelle stones, the same shape as the full moon.  These rondelles are set in hoop earrings and crescent necklaces.  These delicate necklaces are inspired by the crescent moon.  The tear drop shaped hoop earrings resemble the shape of water droplets in nature. 


ROUND CUT STUDS & RINGS - This collection also features dainty little round cut stud earrings and petite adjustable rings, both inspired by the full moon.   


THE LOTUS FLOWER - In Buddhism the lotus flower represents divine beauty and spiritual awakening.  This inspired the Celeste Collection lotus flower stud earrings and pendant necklaces, which are the most accessible gift ideas in our range.


GIFT BOXES - The new range has many accessible gift ideas, and each piece comes packaged in an Ocean Mantra gift box (new boxes for 2018, rebranded) and with a gemstone display card.


GEMSTONES - The new Celeste Collection is available in sterling silver and in 18 carat rose gold vermeil on sterling silver.  The semi precious gemstones featured include:  Aqua Chalcedony (turquoise), Chrysoprase (dark green), Green Amethyst (clear light green), Rainbow Moonstone (white with rainbow shimmers) and Peach Moonstone (peach coloured with a shimmer).


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