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2016-2017 Collection Pieces

Welcome to our redesigned Ocean Mantra website.  We have a range of new pieces to show you this season, heading towards 2017.  These include beautiful rose gold partnered with shimmering labradorite and rainbow moonstone.  

One of our easy gift ideas is our little oval stud earrings which come in a range of stones.  These include aqua chalcedony as well as rose chalcedony, green amethyst, labradorite and rainbow moonstone.  These are perfect for any time of day and to accessorise any outfit, as they are super understated, but add a little colour.

To complement our long multi-stone necklaces we have introduced a slightly shorter 5 x stone necklace.  These are great for layering with shorter and longer necklaces or on their own.  They come in a few key colour ways.

We have also introduced little midi rings which are perfect for layering rings (so on the upper part of your fingers), or as little pinky rings.  These feature both rainbow moonstone or labradorite.  

We hope you enjoy these new pieces and browsing our new site! 

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